Skinning and Fleshing Knives

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Having good skinning and fleshing equipment helps make the most money for your fur.
See our line of knives for your fur shed.

Necker #600 Fleshing Knife
The knife used by the professionals.
23-1/2" in length, curved double sided blade. Blade size is 14" in length.

Schrade #770 Muskrat Knife
A standby in the fur shed. Blades are 3" in length, over knife case is 4".

Two-Handled Fleshing Knife
Available in 8 and 12-inch lengths. An affordable knife for the fur shed.

Dexter-Russell Beaver Knife
The standard beaver skinning knife in the fur industry.

Dexter Beaver Knife
Schrade #770 Knife
Chicago Blue Knife
Wiebe Skinning Knife
A great knife. Comfortable for hours of skinning.
Necker Knife
Fleshing Knife
Single Handle Fleshing Knife
Single Handle Fleshing Knife
Great for use with small hides.

Retired FTA

Wiebe Wicked Sharp Skinning Knife
The Wiebe Wicked Sharp knife sports a surgical-grade scalpel knife blade for a long-lasting and consistent edge to work with. The knife measures 8 inches overall, and comes with 24 wicked-sharp replacement blades.