Fur Stretchers

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Leggett's has a wide selection of top name wire and wood stretchers. Available in all sizes.
Get the most money for your fur when stretched correctly on our stretchers.

Basswood Stretchers
Gives your fur the professional touch.

Sleepy Creek Wire Stretchers
Galvanized steel, made in West Virginia.

Large Male Mink 4.5x36" Stretchers

Small Male Mink 4x36" Stretchers

Leggett's Camo Cap
Embroidered lettering with
RealTree and barbed wire
design. Adjustable strap.
Leggett's Camo Cap
#1 Muskrat Stretcher
Measures 21" long x 7" wide.
Sleepy Creek Wire Stretchers
#1-1/2 Mink Stretcher
Measures 27" long x 4-1/2" wide.
#23 Opossum Stretcher
Also good for jumbo muskrats and opossum. Measures 41-1/2" long x 7-1/2" wide.
#4 Fox and Raccoon Stretcher
Measures 41" long x 9" wide.
#5 Fox and Bobcat Stretcher
Measures 47" long x 10" wide.
#6 Coyote Stretcher
Measures 60" long x 11-1/2" wide.
Basswood Stretchers
7" Wide Raccoon Stretchers

8" Wide Raccoon Stretchers

Fox Stretchers

Wood Wedges for Fox Stretchers

Wood Wedges for Mink Stretchers

Aluminum Push Pins
Essential when using wood stretchers.

Aluminum Push Pins

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