Fur Shed Tools

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Using the right tools in your fur shed can mean money in the bank when you sell your fur. Proper fur handling is essential for every trapper.

Heavy Duty Fur Comb
Helps remove dirt and burrs from pelts.
Tail Zipper
Easily open tails for proper drying.

Lawrence Grooming Brush
Make your furs look the best possible. Large size. Made in England. 4-1/2" x 2-1/4"

Metal Fur Hangers
The perfect way to store your finished furs before selling.
Tail Zipper
Tail Stripper
Plastic Tail Stripper
Helps to easily remove the bone from the tail.
Tail Splitting Guide
Metal Tail Splitting Guide
Helps keep a straight cut when splitting tails.
Fur Comb
Grooming Brush
Fur Hanger

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