Game Calling - Predator Calling Supplies

Game Calling - Predator Calling Supplies

Crit'R Call Standard
The favorite of many of the champion coyote-calling contest winners across
the USA. It makes mouse squeaks, jackrabbit and cottontail rabbit squalls,
coyote puppy yelps, fawn bleats, and many other necessary sounds. Simple,
weatherproof, ling-range, adjustable, unbreakable. A great choice for the
beginner and novice callers. The Standard is packaged with one extra .014
inch thick polyester reed, reed block, and reed band.
Crit'R Call Magnum
Made for calling in wind, heavy timber, and places where sound needs to
penetrate. It is easy to use for maximum volume in lower notes and
pitches. It mimics pig and hog squeals, doe deer bleats, jackrabbit
squalls, and makes great coyote talk, howls, and ki-yi yelps. It is
packaged with one clear .010-inch reed and one .0085-inch epoxy reed.
Comes complete with 16-page instruction booklet.
Crit'R Call PeeWee
Designed to make tatalizing higher-pitched squalls and squeaks. It was
engineered for Eastern and closer-range calling. It is made with a long
platform and reed for maximum variety, and a short barrel for crisp resonace.
Sounds made are sharp and attracitive. It makes mouse squeaks and rabbit
squalls in a very authentic and realistic way. Deer fawn bleats for calling
predators and deet are excellent. Switch reeds at will for varying pitches. It
works great to call red and gray fox, and is one of the best fox puppy call on
the call market. The .015-inch reed produces a great long-range coyote call.
Crit'R Call Instructional Cassette Tape
Features 30 minutes of calling information for rabbit and rodent cries.
Crit'R Call Magnum Buck Tending Grunt
Mule deer, white-tailed deer and antelope bucks respond to this call.
Does perk up and come in to see. It makes bucks jealous. Use with or
without rattling antlers and scents. It is simple, yet strong with volume,
doubling your chance of success on bucks.
Crit'R Call PeeWee Fawn Bleat
This little call is great for bringing in does and fawns. It makes bucks
stand up and flush. It also works great as a predator call.
Crit'r Call Standard
Crit'R Call Magnum
Crit'R Call PeeWee
Crit'R Call Tape
Crit'R Call Buck Tending Grunt
Crit'R Call PeeWee Fawn Bleat

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